Victoria Oshunremi

Get to know her

How did you get into running and your event?


“I was a sporty kid at primary school and got involved in the district sports programme. I did trials every year till Year 6 when I got involved in the sports day.


After that, I got involved at Basington Athletics Club, aged 9, and was put into the academy. I was involved in everything – sprints/throwing/high jump /pentathlon /Cross-Country BUT definitely not pole-vault or steeplechase.


I got into my event really when I changed training groups, and did more triple jump, but that was still just for fun. I won the local county triple jump, and then the South of England’s [competition]. After getting involved in the YDL, I was selected to compete for Essex/ Nationals.


In what areas do you think you learn lessons from over the last year?


This was really the first year where I decided to focus on triple jump, tailoring my training to the event.


Physiotherapy has also become a really important part of my routine, and I try to see them at least once every two weeks. At BUCS this year, having the UL physio treat me after my qualifiers were fantastic.


How do you manage the work/ life balance at St George’s?


I found that sleep is so important, especially when you live, study and work in London – sleep doesn’t suffer for anything now. I love having my training alongside university work… at least more than I hate it!


Targets and goals for the upcoming season?


This year, I want to take each competition as it comes – I think last year putting a hard target down on paper affected me. I would like to get 3-4 indoor competitions, in as many as possible. For the outdoors, I will see what is possible, it comes as it comes.


And finally, if you could say one thing to all current members, what would you say?


I think that, once you stop enjoying athletics, it’s hard to keep going. It’s hard to stay motivated in the winter, so getting a good support network around you is so important.