Kesi Oludoyi

Get to know him​

How did you get into running and your event?


Up to year 7, I was just playing football all the time, mostly on the right-wing. Although I enjoyed playing, I was not as technical as the other guys, which I made up for with my pace. At the end of year 7, a committee member from Harrow Athletics Club approached me and invited me to come train with them.


In what areas do you think you learn lessons from over the last year?


Although I made the top 35 for the 100m in the U23 category, it was really the 200m were I made gains last season, breaking into the top 40 for the 200m with a half a second personal best. I found a passion for the 200m, and I think this will be a focus for the coming season.


How do you manage the work/ life balance at Birbeck?


Having been at a boarding school, the transition to university life was relatively easy for me. I find the freedom that comes with university is good. Studying at Birbeck allows me to work towards a degree that will be useful throughout my life, whilst also being flexible enough for me to continue my athletics.



Targets and goals for the upcoming season?


My main focus this year is to be in the running for the Euro U23 competition.


And finally, if you could say one thing to all current members, what would you say?


I think the Nike slogan Just Do It. is a good mantra to go by. I find that making gains in athletics has to come from within, athletics isn’t always for everybody.