Evan de Schrijver

Get to know him​

How did you get into running and your event?


I started with soccer and tennis, I was a sporty kid. I think running became more important as I got into the flow, the feeling, of running on the track.


When I was 11 a friend encouraged me to come and try a training session. I had been in the football team, but I was not very motivated because even when you play your best match, the result depends on the team – it’s not the same with athletics, which is all about your personal performance.


In what areas do you think you learn lessons from over the last year?


I think the major lesson from the last season was my approach to dealing with injuries. Unfortunately, I developed a Hernia last season which limited my winter and indoor season significantly. However, with dedicated training, I managed to turn my season around and even managed to get a personal best in the 400m – 49.08s


How do you manage the work/ life balance at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine?


Working 9-5 most days is very difficult! It comes down to compromises – deciding whether to watch a film or a series after lab work, to get a part-time job, or to make gains on the track. I think that the overall track is better than making a little bit of money on the side. Having come over from the Netherlands in the summer, I was very settled when I started my Masters, so I think that has helped me a lot.


Targets and goals for the upcoming season?


This season I really want to hit a sub 49s time. Team-wise, I want to see the University of London Athletics Club to get a good team together, go to lots of matches, and be competitive.


And finally, if you could say one thing to all current members, what would you say?


I always think about the 100m finals at the Olympics. For the best, it’s 10 seconds to let everything go. When Usain Bolt is running, you’re not checking your phone – his every step is watched with complete focus. I think this focus that the demands of the sport takes me away from all the things going on in my life, and it motivates me to just run.